home_img1It all started with a closet full of fabrics and leather belonging to my grandfather, upholsterer between 1930 and 1970 in via Saragozza 31, in the heart of Bologna city center, Italy. That closet had been forgotten for years….until just two years ago when I found and opened it in complete amazement.

Inside there were lots of shelves and hundreds of fabrics, silks, trimmings and cottons. The fabrics were beautiful to touch and to look at, had unique patterns and fantastic decorations.

Mirelle handbags and accessories have been created starting from these rare fabrics and old leathers, rescued from oblivion. Each Mirelle bag is unique because the fabrics used are small in sizes and do not allow the realization of more pieces. All models are handmade with great care and attention to details.

about_img_2Mirelle is a brand born from the collaboration between Silvia (Italian) and Chizu (Japanese), although many more are the people that, thanks to their advice, make Mirelle a constant work in progress, a laboratory of ideas, a meeting place.

Silvia | 100% Bolognese, she has inherited from her upholsterer grandfather the desire to experiment, the attention to details, the love for practical and useful things, the pursuit of beauty. She is curious and attentive to the changes in the world, loves treasure hunting in flea markets, listening to people, and being fascinated by everything that is unknown to her. Although she has traveled to many countries and seen much of the world, she only feels at home in Bologna.

Chizu | Japanese, but now a bit “Bolognese” as well, Chizu is an artist of the wire and of all those materials that can be molded, cut, molded. Hers are the beautiful plexiglass butterflies, Mirelle’s symbol.
Chizu has been included as one of the most creative and talented artisans of the world in the book The New Artisans by Olivier Dupon, published by Thames & Hudson.
Chizu loves to see her beautiful little girl growing up, to walk around the hills of Bologna, to cook pan cakes on Saturday morning, to be at the airport (even if she doesn’t leave, she loves the idea of ​​travelling and watching the huzzle buzzle of people coming and going).

bag_img_1Each bag and accessory is hand made and unique. The combinations of fabrics, leathers, trims, cottons vary from time to time and are always different … of every fabric we know the year of production and the factory or the craftsman who made ​​it. From a few hours to a full day of work are needed to make a Mirelle bag.

Each model can be customized and tailored: customers can choose the details, the fabrics, the combinations of colors, the sizes. The idea is to create a unique and special bag, that could reflect the mood and taste of who will wear it. Behind every bag there is energy, study, attention, care and dedication.

Each bag is made with hands, head and heart in Bologna, Italy.

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The Mirelle’s bags are available at:

UNA Lab Store
Piazza San Martino 4/F
Les Amies
via D’Azeglio 74
Via San Vitale 34
Etolie Blanche
Via Barberia 12/b
Matta e Goldoni
Via delle Moline 1/c

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